Clackamas County 4-H Hall Wedding: Caitlin + Ezra

While walking with Ezra back to the 4-H Hall after braving the rain to capture a few portraits outdoors, I just had to ask him what it was about Caitlin that made him so incredibly happy. During their First Look, Caitlin and Ezra were nothing but smiles and big laughs. Their love is infectious! I just had to know what it was that made them so crazy about each other. 

Ezra responded, "I love her blue eyes." The first thing he noticed about her was how tall she was, which is important to note because Caitlin first noticed how Ezra was not very tall at all! Ezra then went on in detail about all the things he loves about Caitlin. He loves how, while she might seem tough on the outside, she has such a kind, soft heart. He loves that they can be so vulnerable together, and that he can care for Caitlin. 

It might have been one of the rainiest days we have had in quite some time (and that's really saying something as an Oregonian), but nothing could have put a damper on Caitlin and Ezra's wedding day. 

A moment of prayer before the First Look...

These two!

Oh, Caitlin, you are GORG!

The Shoe Game. Never heard of it? Here’s how it works: The bride and groom remove both of their shoes, then trade a shoe with their new spouse so that they’re holding one of each. Then, have a designated person ask a series of questions about the two of them and their relationship (i.e. “Who will be doing most of the cooking?” "Who said 'I love you' first?"). After each question, they hold up the shoe of the person they think is the best answer to the question.

Caitlin and Ezra, thank you allowing me to document your memories through my lens. Your love is infectious, and your lives together will be nothing short of an amazing adventure!