Postlewait's Country Wedding: Jessica + Tyler

Jessica and Tyler's love story began in college where they met in ASL class. Tyler was instantly drawn to Jessica, but it wasn't until almost a year later that they started really talking. They lived in the same apartment complex and would routinely arrive home at the same time. Jessica's roommate, Kristen (now her maid of honor) encouraged her to strike up a conversation with Tyler - as he was clearly interested in her - and after some more coaxing from Kristen, Jessica did just that. A few casual conversations later, Jessica and Tyler began going on afternoon coffee dates at Dutch Bros. and soon after, they started dating.

When Tyler wanted to propose to Jessica, he took her to Silver Falls State Park where they often went hiking together. Tyler led her down a winding path to one of the many waterfalls there, and once behind the waterfall, he stopped her. He took out a plastic Easter egg containing a homemade gift certificate that Jessica had given him their first Easter together. It read, "one free request of any kind". He handed the egg to her and on the gift certificate, Tyler had written "Will you marry me?"

And as if Jessica and Tyler's love story couldn't get more sweet or romantic, get a load of this!

In the weeks leading up to their wedding, Jessica and Tyler wrote letters to each other - the moment each of them knew they loved the other, their favorite qualities in each other, what they were excited for in their future together, etc. Jessica and Tyler read the letters together before walking down the aisle, and during the wedding ceremony, they read their own personal vows to each other and put them into a wooden box that Tyler had made along with the letters. They plan to open the box again on their 30th wedding anniversary.

Jessica and Tyler, thank you for trusting me to capture your love story that is uniquely yours, and letting me be a part of your family for a day. You two are the absolute best! 

xo, Britta

Thank you to all the amazing vendors that made Jessica and Tyler's wedding day absolutely perfect for them: