Victorian Belle Wedding: Neri + Charly

Self-officiated ceremony featuring unity cocktails! Now that I have your attention, let me tell you a little bit more about Neri and Charly and their heartwarming nuptials.

Neri and Charly’s mutual love of vintage and penchant for books brought them together when they met while working at a library. They continued to tell their unique story through their Vintage Garden Party theme and carefully selected details at the Victorian Belle. In fact, Neri and Charly spent several months scouring vintage shops to find the perfect books and teacups, and to gain the inspiration needed to design their table cards. The result perfectly embodied their theme and represented them.

Aside from the beautiful elements and attention to detail, the most unique feature of their day was the ceremony. Their friends and family, the venue staff, and myself and my assistant had never witnessed a self-officiated commitment ceremony, and it was beautiful. Neri and Charly had been legally married nine months prior, but they still wanted to plan a wedding day for their friends and family to enjoy. Their self-officiated ceremony represented their commitment to each other in a unique and personal way - they read excerpts from some of their favorite books, and even had some of their friends and family join in. To further illustrate their commitment to each other and the joining of their lives, they mixed a unity cocktail together – a Moscow Mule. As they mixed, they explained what each ingredient represented in their relationship, and after the clink of their copper mugs, their friends and family cheered!

Neri and Charly’s day might have felt like a whirlwind to them, but it was nothing short of perfect, and everything went off without a hitch…except for Charly underestimating the complexity of tying a bow tie!

Neri and Charly, everytime I drink a Moscow Mule I will fondly think of you and your unique story and beautiful love for each other! Thank you for letting me capture your special day through my lens and enjoy the time spent alongside you, your family and friends.

xo, Britta

Thank you to everyone who made this very special day absolutely perfect for Neri and Charly: