St Helier Wedding | C H A N T A L + D A N I E L E

Like many 21st century couples, Chantal and Daniele met on a dating app, and then took their relationship offline when the met up in London for their first date. Some time later, Dani went home to Italy and came back with an engagement ring for Chantal and proposed to her in their home here in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Chantal and Dani are a low-key, no fuss kind of couple, so when it came to planning their wedding Chantal wanted "something simple that Daniele would enjoy".


St Ouen Sand Dunes Engagement | J A D E + A D A M

Jade and Adam are just perfect together! Their love for each other runs deep, but its not too serious. These two sure know how to make each other laugh - from fist bumps to reenacting that famous scene from Titanic - and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for their 2020 wedding!

2018 | W R A P P E D

With Christmas just around the corner, I can’t help but think about all the amazing couples, brides and grooms, families, and individuals that I’ve had the opportunity to work with this year. There really aren’t enough ways I can say thank you to you all!

It’s been a crazy busy year and I’m tired most days, but I wouldn’t change a thing! Next year is filling up with more jet-setting and photographing some total babes, and I am here for ittttt! 2019, I’m comin’ for ya!

Gorge Crest Vineyards Wedding  |  O L G A + G U I L L A U M E

It's not often you come across a love like Olga and Guillaume share. It's graceful, it's beautiful, it's passionate, it's playful, and it's truly a love to last a lifetime...

...and having photographed so many weddings over the years, I can say that a love like Olga and Guillaume's is truly rare. Photographing their wedding was such an honour because they trusted me enough (even after only meeting via Skype before their wedding day) to let me capture their love without holding anything back. When the two of them came together there was no posing, no directing, and no need for it - the connection they share is just that effortless.

The Birthday Project  |  T W E N T Y - N I N E

The Birthday Project was inspired by an article I read about Lucy Hilmer, an artist who has been photographing herself on her birthday every year since 1974 (you can read more about that here).

This year, I wanted to scale things back to black and white - the real reason behind the Project - to capture the coordinates of my life and to have a visual documentation of my life and the aging process.

The Inn at Diamond Woods Wedding  |  S H A Y L E N E + B L A K E

Blake loves to golf every chance he gets, so Diamond Woods made the perfect venue for a round of golf with his guys the morning of his wedding. Meanwhile, Shaylene wanted a soft, romantic wedding, so she transformed The Inn and the surrounding lawns into a gorgeous landscape of ivory, blush, greys and greens, which complemented their favourite detail - the view of the valley.

Lan Su Chinese Garden Wedding  |  F A I N A + S I M O N

The Lan Su Chinese Garden is a stunning walled garden that takes up an entire city block in the heart of Chinatown in Portland, Oregon. The winding paths, tranquil pools, and delicate Chinese foliage beautifully set the scene for Faina and Simon's wedding - the perfect coming together of love and art. 

The Birthday Project  |  T W E N T Y - E I G H T

Somewhere towards the end of twenty-five, after the realization that I had already lived a quarter of a century, I decided to start a lifelong project. The purpose of the project is to document my aging process and at the same time, encourage (or force) myself to become more comfortable in front of a camera.

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings  |  F E A T U R E D

An inspirational shoot located within the stone walls of a stunning 19th century Channel Islands estate featuring a real couple, a foraged Jersey wildflower bouquet, a stunning floral installation, and an 1870 dovecote that once housed a famous lion that made appearances in many 1940's classic films. 

As seen on the UK wedding blog, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.

Postlewait's Country Wedding  |  J E S S I C A + T Y L E R

Jessica and Tyler's love story began in college where they met in ASL class. Tyler was instantly drawn to Jessica, but it wasn't until almost a year later that they started really talking. They lived in the same apartment complex and would routinely arrive home at the same time...

Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards Wedding  |  M A R I + S T E V E N

Mari and Steven's love story is a classic tale of matchmaking gone right...

Mari is a horse trainer in Central Oregon, and one of her clients just so happened to work with Steven's mother. One day, the two of them decided to set Mari and Steven up, and after a few emails were exchanged, they decided to go on a date, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Victorian Belle Wedding  |  N E R I + C H A R L Y

Self-officiated ceremony featuring unity cocktails! Now that I have your attention, let me tell you a little bit more about Neri and Charly and their heartwarming nuptials. 

Neri and Charly's mutual love of vintage and penchant for books brought them together when they met while working at a library...

The Birthday Project  |  T W E N T Y - S E V E N

Somewhere towards the end of twenty-five, after the realization that I had already lived a quarter of a century, I decided to start a lifelong project. The purpose of the project is to document my aging process and at the same time, encourage (or force) myself to become more comfortable in front of a camera.

Hinson Memorial Baptist Church Wedding  |  E L A I N E + J E S S

Elaine and Jess met at Hinson Memorial Baptist Church, and it was there that their love for each other grew through their mutual love of music...Sometimes finding The One takes some time, but Elaine and Jess are proof that it is so worth the wait!

Willamette Heritage Center Wedding  |  F E L I C I A + J O S H

Felicia and Josh were married at the Willamette Heritage Center, which has to be one of the most amazing venues! It is rich with Oregon's history, dating back to the early settlement of the state and boasting the oldest standing wooden frame house in Oregon. The ceremony and the reception were held in the 1895 Thomas Kay Woolen Mill - now a museum, and one of the most well-preserved Victorian age factories in the Western United States. 

The Aerie at Eagle Landing Wedding  |  J U L I A + P A T R I C K

Ahhh, young love. On March 5, 2005, Julia and Patrick began their relationship together, so it was only fitting that they get married in 2015 - their tenth year together.

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden Engagement  |  E L A I N E + J E S S

Elaine and Jess fell in love through their love of music and God, at the church where they will be married at the end of Summer. They have an effortless kind of love, and I can't wait to document more of their love story...

Powell Butte Engagement  |  C A N D I C E + T A Y L O R

Candice and Taylor's love story began in Ohio and their happily ever after begins in Oregon... 

McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding  |  J O S E Y + S T A C E Y

Josey and Stacey have one of those meant-to-be kind of loves. In fact, Josey's best friend knew the moment she met Stacey that he would marry Josey one day. Josey certainly didn't realize that, because it took Stacey about four years of pursuing her for Josey to give in!

Perfectly Portland Wedding  |  K A T I E + B R A D 

The story of Katie and Brad is the story about how opposites attract, and are completed when together. An equation for illustration:

Katie (outgoing, optimistic, emotional) + Brad (private, pragmatic, logical) = Love

Commonwealth Lake Park Maternity Portraits  |  P A M E L A + K Y L E

I first met Kyle in college, and we got to know each other through our mutual group of friends. A few years later, I heard he met the girl of his dreams, Pamela. They married, and because time flies (seriously, where does the time go?!?), I had the opportunity to meet Pamela a few years later at their maternity session at the beautiful Commonwealth Lake Park.

Portland Food Carts Rehearsal Dinner  |  K A T I E + B R A D

Katie and Brad's rainy rehearsal dinner at a Southeast Portland food cart pod was the perfect way to kick off their wedding weekend.

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden Portraits  |  C A R I S S A + T I A N N A

Tianna and her sister Carissa wanted to surprise their mom on Mother's Day with portraits of her two daughters. 

Clackamas County 4-H Hall Wedding  |  C A I T L I N + E Z R A

"I love her blue eyes." Ezra then went on in detail about all the things he loves about Caitlin. He loves how, while she might seem tough on the outside, she has such a kind, soft heart. He loves that they can be so vulnerable together, and that he can care for Caitlin. 

It might have been one of the rainiest days we have had in quite some time (and that's really saying something as an Oregonian), but nothing could have put a damper on Caitlin and Ezra's wedding day.

The Birthday Project  |  T W E N T Y - S I X

A few months ago, I found an article about a woman who photographed herself in her birthday suit every year since 1974. While I am not so bold as to pose in my - ahem - birthday suit, I was inspired by the article and I couldn't stop thinking about how special it would be to have a visual history of my life through professional photographs taken each year at my birthday to represent the current coordinates of my life.